HA0025A Yu Ping

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HA0025A Yu Ping

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Red and Beige

Wig Size: 4.5 inch

It was a hot summer afternoon. Ten Ping was occupied with school duties that afternoon – all students had to help periodically with cleaning and maintaining the school in after school hours.

Yu Ping was alone at home, taking an afternoon nap. Grandma, seeing Yu Ping was soundly asleep; took the opportunity to go out of the house to do some necessary grocery shopping.

As soon as grandma exit the door, Yu Ping woke up. It did not take long for Yu Ping to realized that, for the first time in her young tender life, she had the whole house to herself!

For a moment, Yu Ping reveled in her discovery of freedom. She was alone in her house, with absolutely no supervision. In another words, she could do anything she want!

Immediately Yu Ping started to roll around on the floor – an forbidden act because it would defile her clean clothes. She laughed as she rolled from one wall to the other, and back again. The feeling of defiling a taboo was just too thrilling!
However, it did not take long, for Yu Ping to feel tired from all the rolling . Lying on the floor while listening to the cicadas chirping outdoors; little Yu Ping pondered her next taboo to break.

“Aha!” Thought Yu Ping, “this is the perfect moment to play with her sister’s Miu Miu doll.”

Miu Miu doll was Ten Ping’s own creation and her most treasured possession. Miu Miu was Ten Ping’s pillar of strength. It was this doll that helped Ten Ping through the difficult times of separating with her parents. Yu Ping had always been envious of her sister’s sole proprietorship of Miu Miu, and grandma seemed to side with Ten Ping too in disallowing Yu Ping to play with Miu Miu!

Ceasing the moment, Yu Ping rushed onto Ten Ping’s bed and grabbed Miu Miu. She shook hands with her, kissed her, hugged her, and made Miu Miu do a little dance. Soon Yu Ping decided Miu Miu must be hungry, so she decided to make a little meal for Miu Miu.

Yu Ping ran to the kitchen and grabbed a handful of ingredients: rice, soy sauce, chopped carrots, candies, and an assortment of spices. She then returned to the kitchen a second time and took a big bowl and a spoon.

Yu Ping placed Miu Miu on a sitting position on the floor, and attached a piece of cloth around her neck like a bib.

Yu Ping then started to recreate her favorite dish to Miu Miu, the infamous fried rice.

After adding the rice into the big bowl together with the chopped carrots, Yu Ping started to stir vigorously with the spoon.

Every once in a while, Yu Ping would hold up the bowl with her left hand like how grandma holds the wok, and imitated the wok tossing action. Unfortunately, Yu Ping was not as skilled as grandma, as rice and chopped carrots spilled all over the ground. Yu Ping chuckled happily at this predicament, as she tossed and spilled several more times.

Next, Yu Ping added her beloved candies into the fried rice. On one hand it was Yu Ping’s favorite meal fried rice, and on the other, Yu Ping’s favorite snack the candies. Why not mix them both together to make the perfect meal? Thought Yu Ping happily.

Then, it was time to add the soy sauce into the mixture. Yu Ping held the bottle of soy sauce with one hand, and tugged the cork with the other hand. With extreme difficulty, the cork finally came off the bottle with a pop, along with a trajectory of soy sauce!
To make matters worse, some of the soy sauce landed and splattered over Miu Miu’s white dress.

Horrified, Yu Ping quickly put down the bottle of soy sauce on the floor and rushed to assess the damage. There were several spots that formed little circles on Miu Miu’s white dress that Ten Ping might not catch unless examined carefully. However, there was also a larger more prominent thumb sized stain that would not go unnoticed.

Yu Ping knew she was in trouble. The rice mess on the floor can be forgiven with some exaggerated crying and grandma’s pity, but Miu Miu was Ten Ping’s treasured doll. Not only would Ten Ping be furious at finding it stained, but Yu Ping was specifically instructed not to play with Miu Miu at the first place!

Noting grandma’s usual washboard and bucket at the side of the living room; Yu Ping quickly took off Miu Miu’s white shirt and attempted to wash the dress. She imitated grandma’s usual action of rubbing the shirt up and down forcefully on the washboard. After several attempts, Yu Ping noted that the brown stain lost a little bit of color, but regrettably, the stain spot also tripled in size. Now the spot resembled a big brown circle in the middle of the white dress.

Yu Ping decided to try another idea, she took out a white chalk and started to color the stain white. Yu Ping smudged repeatedly the chalk on the wet dress. Unfortunately, the chalk seemed to only stick in chunks on the wet cloth, and overall the spot looked now like a black pizza with white pepperonis scattered on top.

Frustrated, Yu Ping rubbed the dress on the white wall in her final attempt to “rub” the stain off. In her desperation, Yu Ping hoped that the white wall might also attach some color onto the dress to bleach the stain. Regrettably, after the rough handling of the fabric from the washboard, chalk and now the wall, the fabric finally tore apart and left a big hole in the middle of the dress.

With tears in her eyes, Yu Ping sat defeated, and resigned to her fate of the inevitable scolding later that evening.

Ten Ping finally returned home deep in the evening. She stayed at the school a little late that afternoon to chat with her friends.
In her astonishment, she returned home to find Yu Ping sleeping on the floor of the living room, surrounded by a mess of rice and chopped carrots on the floor next to her.

Moreover, Ten Ping also found Miu Miu’s broken dress, and her beloved Miu Miu doll also beside Yu Ping. Peculiarly, on Miu Miu was also a very rough “dress” made out of paper. Maybe a more exact description would be paper crumpled around Miu Miu like wrapping aluminum foil on a doll body. There were rips on the paper, and the left sleeve unattached to the main torso. On the “dress” however were red crayon marks which Ten Ping recognized as attempted replication of the flower embroidery on the original Miu Miu dress.

Ten Ping lifted Miu Miu up to examine the “dress” and found at the back of the dress, a very familiar and crude handwriting with the word “sorry”.

Ten Ping chuckled, as she finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and realized what her sister must had done. Ten Ping was not upset because she was planning on making a new dress for Miu Miu anyway.

In an attempt to bring Yu Ping to the bed, Ten Ping gently lifted Yu Ping up. Upon approach, Yu Ping gave out a little giggle and a big smile.

“She must be having a great dream,” thought Ten Ping.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, dress, Under-pants, shoes, Miu Miu fabric doll with a dress, bamboo chair and Limited Edition Story Book

Limited Edition
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