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HA0024A Yu Ping

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Coral

Wig Size: 4.5 inch

It was a frigid December day. Yu Ping’s sister Ten Ping and grandma lied lazily on their mattresses, and snoozed warmly under the thick blankets.

Yu Ping, however was restless, she wanted to play.

“Big sister, can you take me to the candy shop?” asked Yu Ping. Ten Ping sat up, and looked lazily at Yu Ping.

“Not today sis,” replied Ten Ping. “Perhaps next time?”. Ten Ping then rolled back onto the mattress and she pulled to cover herself tightly with the blanket.

“Please, big sis? I’m bored,” pleaded Yu Ping; but Ten Ping remained silent.
Yu Ping tried to tug the blanket away from Ten Ping to get her attention.
Ten Ping gripped the blanket tightly with her hands, and the sister did a little tug-o-war. Palpably, Ten Ping won with her superior strength.

“Yu Ping, your sister is very tired. Why don’t you go out to play yourself?” said grandma.
Ten Ping sat up again and gave her sister a triumphant “grandma is on my side” smile , and proceeded back to her mattress to lie down again.

Grudgingly, Yu Ping left the house alone to look for activities.

Not far from their house, their neighbors, the Cheng family, were hosting a one-year-old birthday party for their newest family member out on the small open area in front of their house.

Like many of the parties in these Shanghai villages, the Chengs were hosting an open air lunch buffet in which everyone in the village could stop by for a visit and a free meal.

Dozens of people were already seated in the big round tables prepared for the party, happily feasting on the abundent food and wine.

The women in Cheng family were busy going in and out of the kitchen to serve all kinds of different delicacies to the guests.

Grandpa and Uncle Cheng were busily moving from table to table greeting and thanking villagers for joining this joyous occasion.
Yu Ping noted that Grandpa Cheng’s face was also very red, and that he kept drinking from a large bowl that Uncle Cheng promptly refilled.

Yu Ping had never seen Grandpa Cheng laugh that hard before.

Yu Ping walked straight towards Grandpa Cheng.

“Hi. Grandpa Cheng!” squeaked Yu Ping.

Grandpa Cheng seemed very happy to see Yu Ping, and he lifted Yu Ping right off the ground and placed a gentle kiss onto Yu Ping’s cheek. Then he let Yu Ping sit on his right thigh.

“Well if it isn’t little Yu Ping!” exclaimed Grandpa Cheng.

“Grandpa, your face is very red. Are you sick?” asked Yu Ping innocently.

Grandpa Cheng gave a laugh but did not respond. Instead, Grandpa Cheng looked behind Yu Ping and asked, “Where is your sister Ten Ping and your grandma?”

“Sleeping!” exclaimed Yu Ping cheerfully.

Grandpa Cheng was surprised by this answer. He did not expect Yu Ping to come alone to the party. He needed to entertain other guests; but he did not want to leave Yu Ping alone either; especially when her family wasn’t with her.

Grandpa Cheng took a quick glance around the vicinity, wishing to see if Yu Ping could be seated on one of the tables with someone he trusts. Unfortunately, the guests seemed too occupied with the food and the free wine.

Noticing this predicament, Grandma Cheng promptly came forward and took Yu Ping off Grandpa’s thigh.

“Hey Yu Ping,” Grandma Cheng said, “Why don’t I take you into the house for some sweet treats?” Grandma Cheng took a quick look at Grandpa Cheng.
Grandpa Cheng replied with an approving nod.

“Sweet treats? Sure!” exclaimed Yu Ping, and Grandma Cheng carried Yu Ping into the house.
The house was astonishingly red, as the Chengs had ornamented every corner of the house with red decorations.
There were red paper cuttings; Chinese calligraphies on red paper; red flowers.
In the corner of the sitting room was a bassinet wrapped in red paper, and within the bassinet was a little red blanket, and a fluffy red pillow.

Crawling on the floor was a little boy dressed in bright red clothes – the Cheng’s new one-year-old. He was surrounded by adults who were cheering him on to do something.
With a closer look, Yu Ping found that, beside the little child, on the floor, were a few objects – a rubber stamp, a calculator, a ball, a ruler, a book and a paintbrush.

“Oh, it’s the choosing ritual!” Explained Grandma Cheng.
“Look Yu Ping, my grandson will crawl around and choose the first object that he will be attracted to. Then we will know what he would like to grow up to become.”
“Look now, if he chooses the abscus, he will grow up to be an accountant. The ball means he will grow up to be an athlete or a soldier. The ruler means an architect. The book means a scholar. The paintbrush means an artist; and the rubber stamp means a government official.”

Just then, the boy crawled forward and picked up the ball, and a huge round of applause echoed around the room.

“Oh, my grandson, an athlete!” Cried Grandma Cheng as she hurried forward to hug her grandson. The boy seemed to like the ball very much, and was waving it to Yu Ping.

“Oh Yu Ping, my grandson wants to play with you. Why don’t you play together in this room?” Grandma looked at Yu Ping with a smile. “And here,” Grandma Cheng pointed to a plate on the table, “please feel free to have some pastries as you two play together.”

Yu Ping had a wonderful day at the Chengs.

Upon reaching home, Yu Ping promptly put on a red cloak, in attempt to recreate the red themed party she had so much fun earlier.

Remembering the choosing ritual in the Cheng family, Yu Ping thought about what she would like to do when she grew up.
She looked around the objects in the house, and finally decided on some oven mittens; that she found in the kitchen.

To make the mittens prettier, Yu Ping made a little pencil sketch of herself and Ten Ping on each of the mitten.

Ten Ping was intrigued by Yu Ping’s sudden interest with oven mittens, and asked Yu Ping why she was playing with them.
Yu Ping recited her story at the Chengs, including the choosing ritual, and ended with: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a cook!”

Ten Ping laughed, and decided to tease Yu Ping. “Well! I see that you have me on one the mitten and yourself on the other mitten. Do you want to grow up to be a chef like me? Or would you like to be on your own?” Prodded Ten Ping.

Yu Ping gave the matter a 10-second-deep thought before she answered “I would like to be both!”.

“You can’t be both, How can you be a chef like both of us?” Ten Ping teased back even further.

Yu Ping clapped her hands together, with her drawing of herself joining the drawing of Ten Ping. “Like this!” Exclaimed Yu Ping excitedly, and then proceeded to make kissing sounds.

Looking at her sister silently, Ten Ping was amused, and very touched.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, dress, pants, cloak, socks, shoes, oven mittens and Limited Edition Story Book

Limited Edition
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