FA0011A The Guardian of Strength, Jar-Lu

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FA0011A The Guardian of Strength, Jar-Lu

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Sandy Brown, Pink, Green, Darker Green and Darker Pink

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Jar-Lu’s father is now the most famous tailor in China. His specially tailored fashion wears are not just be fashionable but are also known to make person them feeling happy!

In the past, in his own time, Jar-Lu’s grand-father was also a well-known tailor in China.

To follow grand-father’s footsteps, young Jar-lug’s father became an apprentice to be a tailor when he was bearly a young teenager.

At that time, despite all the intensive personal tutoring and private techniques and tricks received from the grand-father, Jar-lug’s father could not finish even one decent piece of clothing in his early years.

Unlike the grand-father, Jar-lug’s father seems to lack the talents and handicraft in fine tailor ship.

After a couple of years of unsuccessful apprenticeship, another disaster struck - where the grand-father suddenly past away.
Left to continue the life supporting family trade on his own, Jar-Lu’s father was in real trouble.

Without the necessary craftsman skills; very soon after, one of his oldest customers got really mad with the bad finished clothes; and bluntly told Jar-Lu’s father that: ‘You are not a born tailor; unlike your father’; and left.

Hearing that, young Jar-Lu’s father remaining little confidence disintegrated.

Despite the dejection, surprisingly Jar-lug’s father did not relinquish. Stubbornly he persisted to learn the craft, and struggled to carry on the family trade on his own; while doing other odd jobs on the side to survive.

Jar-lug’s father firm belief was always that: if “you believe in one thing and keep working very hard on it, one day you will eventually prevail”.
Therefore, despite the odds against him, Jar-Lu’s father just kept practising and practising on his own.

When other kids were having fun or laughingly playing soccer together outside, Jar-Lu’s father just locked himself up and concentrated on his learning and work on hand.

One dark cold autumn night, while burning the midnight oil, Jar-lu’s father was found sewing a costume – the 15th time that he had re-make this particular costume, which, despite all his past efforts, was still not turning out in the right shape.

All of sudden, exhausted, Jar-lu’s father just collapsed and fell from his chair!

Moments later, Jar-lu’s father found himself sitting alone on the hard barren floor.

Devastated, at last, Jar-lu’s father started to cry.

“If I am really that untalented in making dresses, then maybe it is about time now that I give up and go find something else that is more suitable” Jar-lu’s father muttered to himself.

Then, at that moment, he heard a small voice behind him said: ‘Hello! ‘
Looking around, Jar-lu’s father cannot identify the source of the voice nor spot anyone or anything unusual nearby.

Too tired and sleepy from so many nights of continuous over-night working, Jar-lu’s father seems to be hearing non-existing voices now.

But the small voice was clearly there again: ‘Hello! Over here!’.

Focusing his eyes at the direction of the voice again, this time he spotted something small moving inside the sewing box!!!

Standing there, jumping and waving his little hands, was one of the sewing-box cushion kid – the one which Jar-Lu’s father uses every day as needle cushions. Now one of these sewing-box cushion kids was standing up, jumping, dancing, waving and talking to him!!!

‘Hey you! I have been watching you for many days now!’

Hearing these words very clearly this time, Jar-Lu’s father was too stunned to talk back.

‘Hey! You! Why do you keep going on making that dress?’

‘I need to earn money, just like my father’ Jar-Lu’s father finally managed to gather himself Jar-Lu and answered.

‘That’s where you failed, because you are only thinking about money!! If you keep thinking like that, you will never succeed!

‘What can I do? I need to earn money to feed my family!’ Jar-Lu’s father asked.

‘Do things with your heart and with sincerity; and not with the thought of money. Think about that! I have to go. Bye-bye.’

In a spit second, the Sewing-box kid was gone, lying motionlessly amongst all the other little needle cushion kids inside the sewing box.

Mesmerized, Jar-Lu’s father finally managed to sit himself back up into his chair.

That night the Needle Angle’s brief words resonated repeatedly inside Jar-Lu’s father’s head.

After digesting these brief words repeatedly, it finally dawn on Jar-Lu’s father that if he does completely change his work attitude, he may really possess the ability to make better dresses.

If his clothes were to be made with heart and sincerity, then his clothes won’t be just simple fashion wears like everyone else’s; but his clothes may one day bring happiness and contentment to the people who wears them.
It was that simply!

Armed with this new revelation, and a lot of new hard works towards this direction, Jar-Lu’s father’s tailor ship skill finally took off.
Soon his customers did not just accepted his clothings, but they even begin to line up to try on his every new creations.

Along with his success of tailor-ship; came demands. With demands, came satisfaction. With satisfaction came fame. With fame, came rewards.
Soon Jar-Lu’s father was earning enough money to support himself, his business; his family and then extra money to help others around him too.
Jar-Lu’s father was finally happy.

On Jar Lu’s 6th birthday, Jar-Lu’s father personally made a Needle Angle doll and gave this doll to his darling daughter-Jar-Lu; together with the charming story about the Needle cushion Angel.

Fascinated with this story, and curdling the Needle Angle doll in her small hands, Jar-Lu now looks forward to meet the needle cushion Angel in person herself one day.

And when she grows up and one day has her own babies, Jar Lu is determined to pass on this family story and the Needle Angle doll to her own daughter as well.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Blouse, Skirt, Shorts, Apron, Under-Pants, Head-piece, Earrings, Shoes, Little Doll and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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