CA0022A Honee-B, The Little Twin Prince

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CA0022A Honee-B, The Little Twin Prince

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Product Description
Major Material: Nylon and Cotton
Major Colour: Beige, Baby Blue. Rosy Pink and Dusty Purple

Wig Size: 3.5 inch

I’m Honee-B, a little prince who was born on the Planet of Compassion.

Borned together with me, was my younger twin sister, the princess of the Planet of Compassion.

As babies, we were strongly bonded together, where we cannot tolerate leaving the sight of one another alone; even for 1 minute.

When we were both 1 year old, however, disaster stroked. There was a sudden and bazaar space journey accident. Even though everyone involved survived unhurt, my younger sister was tragically lost; disappeared; never to be found again.
After growing up, I had tried to find my twin sister everywhere in the universe, but to no success.

Where are you? My beloved sister.

Today, as part of my ceremonial duty as a prince, I was invited to be the guest of honor at the small planet of Harmony masquerade to be held in the local planet palace.

Instinctively, I wore my lace gown, put on a hat with flowers and a cooper mask.
When I enter the crowded event hall, I was immediately attracted by someone, a figure of a little girl, way across the other end of the grand event hall.

This little girl also had on a similar lace dress, the same cooper mask and a similar head-piece with flowers; almost exactly the same as what I wore.

And as if we two were the only two persons alive inside the crowded grand event hall, our two eyes were Instantaneously glued on one another.

And then, as if we are following a silent audio command together, the little girl and I pulled down our two mask, at the same moment.

Immediately, I’ve recognized her. It was her!! It was my long lost little twin princess!

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, top, pants, lace vest, hat, stocking, shoes, mask, gingerbread man props and limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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