CA0021A Honee-B, My Little Twin Princess

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CA0021A Honee-B, My Little Twin Princess

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Product Description
Major Material: Nylon and Cotton
Major Colour: Beige, Baby Blue. Baby Pink and Dusty Purple

Wig Size: 3.5 inch

Do you believe in the theory of ”parallel universe”?

In astro-physics, it is believed that our universe is not the only one around.

Instead there are many many other numerous and uncountable universes around, where certain universes are even similar or parallel to one other.

Amongst these “parallel universe”, it is believed that any given person, even in our planet, can exist at the same time in more than one planet, more than one place, in more than one universe.

This theory of distinctive universes within the multitude of multiverses is known as the “parallel universes”.

Opps! How rude of me. Please let me introduced myself first.

Hi, I’m Honee-B; nicknamed “the little princess” on our planet of Harmony.

Ever since I can read, I had been strangely obsessed by the study of astro physics or about every aspect of the cosmos.

I, myself, strongly believe in the theory of “Parallel Universe”, which believes that there is another person who is exactly a duplicate of oneself somewhere else space, in another universe.

Tonight, was luckily admitted to the grand masquerade in our planet palace.
Everybody attending was asked to dress up to celebrate the 1,000,000,000 years birthday of our Planet of Harmony.

Dressed in my printed lace dress; a flower head-piece and cooper mask, I joyfully attended the masquerade.

Once inside, while standing by myself, still overwhelmed by the majestic surroundings and the grandeur atmosphere of the grand masquerade, I was suddenly attracted by someone entering at the entrance.

Like me, he, also wears a cooper mask and a hat with flowers.
Even though we were way across the grand event hall, from one another, strangely, I found myself scrutiny him.

And as if we were the only two persons present, inside the grand and crowded event hall, our two eyes came fixed on each other.

Instinctively, at the same time, we pull down our two masks at the same moment.
Oh, it was him! The one who shared the same face as mine: my little twin prince!

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, dress, lace under-skirt, stocking, head-piece, mask, shoes, gingerbread man props and limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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