CA0014A Honee-B, The Little Detective

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CA0014A Honee-B, The Little Detective

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Product Description
Major Material: Cotton, Polyester & PU
Major Colour: Brown & Sage Green

Wig Size: 3.5 inch

Hi! I’m Honee-B. I’m the Detective of my family.
At home, nothing mysterious or strange can escape from my keen eyes.
With my mighty magnifying glass in hand, ALL truths will be revealed!

This Sunday morning, something very mysterious happened. My parents somehow disappeared without a trace!
No one at home except me!
Alone and scared, I managed to calm myself down.
After I put on my checker hat, find my magnifying glass; I went about quietly looking for clues to save my parents!
After some careful inspections around every nook and cranny of my home, finally I find a small note under the sofa.

“The Little Detective, you are so smart! If you want to save your parents, then you have to ………..”

It was an un-finished message! What was I supposed to do? Where was my parent!?

“Wake up, Honey.” I was jolted from my nightmare and happily find my parents sitting next to me. Thanks God!
I have found and save my lovely parents! But why I am sitting in a plane?

“Honey, we are in the sky just above London; as the plane will be landing in another 15 minutes; please let me straighten up your seat for you.” My mom said with a warm smile.

Oh, Yes! I am on our family trip and everything before was just a dream.

My idol Sherlock, your Little Detective is coming!

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, t-shirt, shorts, socks, boots, hat, magnifying glass, small cotton bag, doll carry case and limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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